The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness
a collaborative work by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington

Mitchell Gingrich

Mitchell L Gingrich, author of the Study Guides found at, is an attorney in Akron, OH who focuses on estate planning, corporate and real estate law.  Mitch was asked to author these Study Guides based on his personal relationship with Bob Bevington, which includes past experiences working together in ministry, as well as a doctor-patient and lawyer-client relationship.

When he is not practicing law, Mitch is active in his church, The Chapel, where he serves as a deacon, part-time adult Bible fellowship teacher, volunteer with The Chapel International Student Ministry and leader of a men's group, the CREW, which continually encourages and inspires him to love and serve the LORD and primarily serves as his learning lab for discussion questions.

Service to others is a significant part of Mitch's life and testimony, as he and his family are currently serving as short-term missionaries (2005 to present) with The Navigators , where they have served with International Student Ministries of New Zealand.  Presently, the Gingrich family is exploring full-time service opportunities with the Navigators with an emphasis on ministering to international students in New Zealand. For more information about their service with the Navigators, please contact Mitch directly at mail to newt11  at roadrunner  period com.

Mitch currently resides in Medina, Ohio with his wife Beth, and daughter Sarah.

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