The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness
a collaborative work by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington

Chapter 16



1.  Sometimes when describing the different roles or responsibilities that one has, we say, “he’s wearing two hats.”  It’s like when we describe someone as ‘a husband and father’ or ‘a wife and mother.’  In Titus 2:13b-14, Paul speaks of Christ as wearing ‘two hats’ – “God and Savior.”  If we are accustomed to wearing multiple hats, then why do we find it difficult to accept that God, the Creator of all and LORD of all, also has come to save us from our greatest turmoil, sin? 


2.  According to Paul in his epistle to Titus, just how complete is our salvation?  Is our purity just as complete?  Why/why not?  What is one of the hallmarks of a pure life?

3. Is there a point in time when God more highly valued and treasured you?  If so, what circumstances are under your control such that you became more valuable to Him?  Please explain your answer.


4.  “[A]ll truly God-honoring good works are God-enabled.”  Agree/Disagree?  If one is united with Christ, is there any possible other source of goodness?  Please consider Mark 10:18 before you answer.

© Copyright 2007, Jerry Bridges and Robert Bevington, All Rights Reserved.