The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness
a collaborative work by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington

Chapter 19

I John


1.  God’s atonement decree concerning us declares us clean from sin.  Is that representative of your daily experience as a redeemed sinner?  Why?  What is progressive sanctification?  If one fails to yield to the atonement decree is there any other means for a redeemed sinner to grow into Christ likeness?


2.  If Satan accuses a redeemed sinner of being merely a sinner, what does Christ do about that?  If your conscience accuses you of sin, what does Christ do about that?  In both instances, what is your response and responsibility?


3.  Propitiation - another one of those seminary professor’s terms.  What makes it so central to the theme of “The Great Exchange?”  Define propitiation in your own words.  Describe what propitiation means to you as a redeemed sinner.


4.  If a person’s theology focuses on works or emphasizes selected attributes of God’s character a la carte, then does propitiation have any place in that theology?  Why/why not?


5.  Do man-centered theologies include or support propitiation?


6.  To whom does Christ’s propitiation apply?  Support your answer.


7.  How do you prove your love for another?  If I didn’t know you, how could you prove to me that you loved your spouse, kids, family or friends?  How does God prove His love for you?


8. The English translation of various Greek words as “love” inadequately conveys the nuances commonly understood by the ancients.[1]  Check out or a Bible commentary to discover God’s kind of love.  What kind of love does God demonstrate to us?  What kind of love are we to demonstrate to others?  How are redeemed sinners able or enabled to demonstrate God’s love to others?

[1] In Greek, there are four different words to convey what English calls “love:” (1) Agape – benevolence; seeking the best for others; (2) phileo – brotherly love; (3) storge – parental love; and (4) eros – lust; sexual love.

© Copyright 2007, Jerry Bridges and Robert Bevington, All Rights Reserved.