The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness
a collaborative work by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington

Chapter 4

Atonement Expected: The Old Testament Prophecies

Messianic Psalms


1.  Read Psalm 40 in your Bible.  Compare verse 6 in the chapter with the translation(s) that you have.  What translation of verse 6 resonates most with you?


2. The authors write that the Old Covenant sacrifices were insufficient as compared to the "Messiah's obedience and atoning work."  If the "old system" were wholly insufficient, how is it that Christ's obedience to it brings about salvation for many?


3. Read Psalm 110 in your Bible.  Jesus cited Psalm 110:1 to confound the Pharisees. (Matthew 22:41-46) Are you also confounded by this passage?  What point is Jesus making by quoting this verse?


4. The authors state, "the first priesthood was fundamentally defective, and so was the law; they made nothing perfect." Agree/Disagree?  Are the authors saying that God intentionally made something defective? (See: Psalm 119:11, 75, 89; James 1:25)  Or, are they implying that God is some sort of a “Cosmic Tinkerer” trying different approaches to see what works?


5. Who is Melchizedek and why is he symbolic of the Messiah?


6. If Melchizedek walked amongst us, would you recognize him?


7. If Messiah walked amongst us, would you recognize Him?


8. If you were Jewish and lived in Jesus' day, are the Messianic Psalms enough to alert you that Jesus is the promised Messiah?  Are the Messianic Psalms enough to alert a modern, 21st century person?


Isaiah 53


1. Read Isaiah 53 in its entirety.  Does an objective reading of this passage point to a crucified Messiah?  What help do you need in order to view it as a prophecy about the Messiah's sacrifice for His people?


2. Is the Jewish interpretation of Messiah as a conquering King accurate?  Why or why not?


3. "God's own hand inflicted the Messiah's sufferings."  Is it easy to "get your brain around" this concept? (See Isaiah 53:10; See also I Peter 1:20; Revelation 13:8)


4. If you prepare your own taxes or the proper information for your accountant, do you understand how Messiah's sufferings and death bring into your "account" righteousness, “a right standing or right relationship with God?”

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