The Great Exchange: My Sin for His Righteousness
a collaborative work by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington


  1. The authors indicate that the Gospel message actually contains “bad news.”  What is this “bad news?”  Must one “accept” the bad news as truth, just as equally as the “good news?”   May one accept only the “good news?”


  1. According to the authors, what are the aspects of sin?


  1. What makes the “good news” so good?


  1. Is forgiveness the ultimate goal of Christ’s death on the cross?  Why or why not?


  1. What does atonement mean to you?  Write out your own definition.


  1. If you have a liability insurance policy, the insurer will answer for you, as long as you have paid and continue to pay the premiums.  If the insurer serves as your substitute, under what conditions will Christ serve as yours?  Does His substitution depend on a legal contract like one might have with an insurer?  If so, what are the terms of the contract?


  1. If Christ’s life and death serve as substitutes for ours, then what further point does our unity with Christ demonstrate?
© Copyright 2007, Jerry Bridges and Robert Bevington, All Rights Reserved.